Conversation find an accounting job
Nama Kelompok : 1. Heri Kurniawan (23210252)
2. Muhammad Iqbal (24210736)
3. Yusuf Fadillah (28210800)
Kelas : 3EB09

Beby : I had to look for a new job?
Alkatiry : You should try to find a job accounting
Sandra: : Accounting requires a very good calculation skills
Beby : What would I do in accounting?
Alkatiry : A analzing responsible for accounting and communicating financial information.
Sandra : I strongly agree with alkatiry.
Beby : What types of accounting jobs available?
Alkatiry : You can work for a company, for an individual, or even to the government.
Beby : Is there a certain accountant position?
sandra : Four main position is a public accounting, management accounting, government accounting and internal auditing.
Beby : What accounts for the public do?
Alkatiry : Public accountants perform a variety of duties including auditing, tax and consulting activities.
Beby : I’m not interested in doing taxes.
sandra : A CPA can also offer advice in a particular area or specialization in forensic accounting.
Beby : What is forensic accounting?
sandra : It is an investigation and interpretation of crime financial transactions.
Beby : So, I will look into money laundering, embezzlement and fraud
sandra : Exactly, and cooperate with law enforcement and serve as a witness if the case goes to trial.
Beby : I do not want to get involved in all that.
Alkatiry : Well, then you can look into becoming a management accountant.
Beby : What are their specialty?
Alkatiry : Management accountants record and analyze the financial information of the company for which they work.
Beby : So, they are primarily responsible for budgeting and cost management.
Alkatiry : Yes, and there is also a government accountant.
Beby : I think they’re responsible for government records.
Alkatiry : Right! Internal auditor is used by a company to check the mismanagement, waste and fraud.
Beby : Well, Government accountants sounds the most interesting to me.
Alkatiry : So you definitely have to look into it again
Beby : Why should more look into it?
Alkatiry : Because government accounting fully responsible to the central government.
sandra : Why not try cost accounting?
Beby : Cost accounting is too risky and too difficult in its calculations.
Alkatiry : Why too risky and difficult in its calculations?
Sandra : Because accounting costs compare with the cost of all components of a record funding.
Alkatiry : why is that?
Sandra : Because of an emphasis on cost accounting classification context accounting guidelines that should be adhered to and complied with by an accountant.
Beby : Guidelines for what is used in accounting finance costs
Sandra : Guidelines PSAK
Beby : PSAK it stands for what?
Sandra : Statement of Financial Accounting Standards.
Beby : Is that just guidelines used in the opening of financial and cost accounting?
Sandra : If it is for the national GAAP, whereas that for global IFRS
Beby : What is IFRS?
Sandra : International Financial Reporting Standards
Beby : What benefits are biased in the gain of IFRS?
Sandra : To determine the value of an element of financial statements either at the time of the financial transaction, or during the presentation of financial statements (balance sheet date).
Beby : Besides what else?
Sandra : To recognize the elements of financial statements so that the elements can be presented in the financial statements
Beby : Means what job is right for me?
alkatiry : That I suggest you to management accounting as part of a more organized and structured
sandra : I suggest if you are into the more cost accounting career prospect to the future
beby : Thanks for the suggestions all are, see you again in the future